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1st of May 1945, the last week of the Third Reich has begun. Hitler is dead, but the war is not yet over. Everything seems to come to a standstill, and yet everything is in breathless motion. In his forthcoming book Eight Days in May, Volker Ullrich, by retelling this ?timeless time“ from minute to minute, day to day, abducts the reader into a collapsing world full of drama and violence, hope and fear. His book is an unforgettable journey, more captivating than many a thriller. Translation rights have already gone to Penguin (UK), W.W. Norton (US), Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore (IT), De Arbeiderspers/Het Getij (NL), Mondadori Random House Madrid (ES), Corvina kiado (HU), Albatros (CZ), Subarusya Linkage (JP), Social Sciences Academic Press (CN) and Gutenberg (GR).

In case you missed out: there‘s much more in our spring basket of 2020. In his new biography of Charles V, widely praised Martin Luther biographer Heinz Schilling tells the story of the most powerful ruler of his time - and the most powerless at the same time. The sun does not set in his empire, but he cannot shape it according to his will. Together with Schilling‘s bestseller 1517 (2017, translated into Italian and Simplified Chinese) and his hallmark biography or Martin Luther (2012, translated into English, Slovakian, Italian, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Polish, French, Russian and Danish), this new biography forms a triptych of early modern age.

Furthermore, Peter-André Alt, who has taught Modern German Literary History and served as president of Free Berlin University, in his new books takes us on a journey through world literature led by illustrious examples of first sentences from antiquity to the present: "Someone must have slandered Josef K. …". And in Country Life: History and Future of an Endangered Way of Life, the well-known geographer and Alpine researcher Werner B?tzing provides a comprehensive picture of rural life from the origins of agriculture 12 000 years ago to the present situation.

On the fiction side, we want to point out that we hold world rights for Amir Cheheltan’s new novel (originally written in Persian). Also, don‘t miss Jochen Schmidt’s funny as ever Conversations between [famous] Couples and Michael Lüderspolitical thriller, proving that he’s not only the expert for the Middle East but also for international fictional crime...

We look forward to being in touch with you!

Sample Translations Fiction

  Name Gr??e  
"Winter Bees" by Norbert Scheuer 423.37 KB
"Radio Activity" by Karin Kalisa 516.98 KB
“High Mass in Naples” by Stefan von der Lahr 103.55 KB
"A project for Otto Kwant" by Jochen Schmidt 196.68 KB
"The Summer of My Mother" by Ulrich Woelk 167.25 KB

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