Beach 'N Tans

Mocksville's Professional Tanning Salon
We offer the best tanning experience in Mocksville.

(9) - 20 min. Beds and (1) - 11 min. Medium Pressure Bed

Trained Professionals in Business since 1995.

This is our profession, not a sideline.

We take Training in Tanning and Lotions serious.   

(1)  VISIT                               $7.00
(5)  VISITS                             $30.00
(10) VISITS                            $42.00
(15) VISITS                            $75.00

(1) Month                               $38.00


(1)   VISIT                              $10.00
(5)   VISITS                            $45.00
(10) VISITS                            $85.00

10% Tan Tax NOT included
Tan with a single visit or with a tanning package, either way we are here to help you
get the best tan you can.  We offer several ways to get you where you want to be
with a cost that works for you.  Add lotion to your tanning experience to maximize
that tan.  Ask us about the Professional Quality Lotions we carry to select the right
one for you.
Wouldn't you like someone to take time to understand your Tanning needs??

When you go to a Gym or a Dietitian you want them to talk with you and explain the
BEST plan for your needs.

At BEACH 'N TANS we feel the same way.

Make an appointment today and see why we are #1 in Mocksville.  
Wouldn't it be nice to pay the same
Low price every month?

Ask us how.
We have plans that can do just that.

We are here to help you
get the tanning experience you are
looking for.